Welcome the Lunar New Year with Gua Sha + Facial Rolling

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Welcome the Lunar New Year with Gua Sha + Facial Rolling

As we celebrate the Lunar New Year and the world undergoes a reset, now is the ideal time to elevate your skincare routine. We’re all about starting off with a clean slate this time of year, and the ancient Asian skincare rituals of gua sha and facial rolling are ideal for ringing in the New Year with a new you!

About Our Blue Circle Jade Gua Sha & Facial Rollers

Heralding from ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, gua sha therapy and jade roller massage are valuable wellness practices. With all the pink quartz and green jade facial tools and rollers on the market, you may wonder why we have chosen to use Blue Circle Jade. Blue Circle Jade is a precious form of Jadeite believed to have high vibrational energy with metaphysical, healing and calming properties. Its ability to emit far infrared rays, promote oxygenation, nourish and rejuvenate cells makes it highly beneficial for anti aging and stressed skin relief. This hard mineral stone is found to help bestow understanding and wisdom while absorbing negative energy, making it beneficial for those looking for a fresh start this year. Our Blue Circle Jade Face Roller is crafted with lustrous Zinc, a metal we chose for its safety and compatibility with the skin.

Why You Need Guasha & Facial Rolling

In an ideal world, our circulatory and lymphatic systems work to effectively nourish our bodies, carry away toxins and protect immunity. A healthy circulation supplies the skin with adequate oxygen-rich blood and nutrients, while lymph nodes and channels in the lymphatic system protect against infection, promote healing and facilitate waste removal. However, a sedentary lifestyle, high sugar diet, aging and other factors dampen the efficiency of these systems. The accumulation of stagnant waste can lead to puffiness, dark circles, early signs of aging, unhealthy-looking paleness and a lackluster complexion. These symptoms are visible signs that your skin cells are receiving less healing oxygen and other vital nutrients (vitamins, minerals, hormones, etc.) that they need to function optimally. 


Benefits of Gua Sha & Facial Rollers

Gua sha therapy and facial roller massage are natural holistic wellness modalities that improve the health of your skin and body. Both tools help stimulate the microcirculation and lymphatics to help remove acid, carbon dioxide and protein byproducts, optimizing skin nutrition and repair. When used regularly they help create a more contoured profile, diminish puffiness, brighten dark circles, improve firmness and radiance. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished as the face takes on a slimmer, more toned appearance. Whether your goal is to focus on self-care or improve your health and beauty habits, adding these tools to your routine will help detoxify and revitalize your complexion while enhancing your outlook. Those who are constantly stuffed up, have eczema, chronic stress, or have had recent surgery, injuries or other invasive treatments can benefit from either modality.


Guasha vs. Facial Rollers

Both types of facial tools are excellent for stimulating circulation and detoxification and addressing aging skin concerns. One is not better than the other; they’re just different. Which one to choose and use boils down to personal preference and what you are trying to achieve. In TCM, gua sha therapy includes forceful strokes on the body but has been modified with more gentle movements to contour the face. Some people prefer the shape of our hand-carved Blue Circle Jade Guasha Tool as they have more control and can exert more pressure to iron out forehead furrows, ease muscular tension, lift and sculpt the jawline. However, facial roller enthusiasts prefer the easy-to-hold handle of our Blue Circle Jade Face Roller and the smooth gliding motion it delivers. Those who are “heavy-handed” will find that it helps them lighten up, making it more conducive for lymphatic drainage. Also, with two different sized ends you can target larger and smaller areas. Still, others like to use them together or alternate using one then the other for a comprehensive approach.


Gua Sha & Roller Pairs

While either tool on its own delivers revitalizing results, pairing it with the right natural skincare products will produce youthful, glowing, ageless skin that much faster. Coupling your preferred tool with a face oil, anti aging serum or mask as part of your weekly natural skincare routine will amplify results. It is essential that you choose clean beauty formulas with non toxic ingredients to ensure that you are giving yourself the best form of self-care. 


Gua Sha Therapy And Facial Roller Tips

Remember to roll or stroke in upward and outward motions starting at the forehead. If you are trying to eliminate puffiness and fluid build-up, use a light, gentle touch. But if you want to smooth wrinkles or sculpt your facial contours, apply firm pressure. In general, use the larger end of the roller on the forehead, cheeks, jawline and neck. Use the smaller end of the roller to easily access the corners of the eye contour for more precision. For more information, see our how-to diagram for the roller here, and the gua sha stone here

Use this time to relax, taking deep breaths while you roll or contour to help de-stress your mind. This, in turn, will assist with your beauty and wellness goals. Try doing one stroke on the inhale and the next stroke on the exhale to help slow down your breathing. Some people incorporate mantras or affirmations like “I am beautiful” as they do so. 

Depending on your concerns and the season, you can also cool or heat your Gua sha or Face Roller. Warming your stones in the winter can melt away tension. Cooling your tools in your refrigerator during the Summer will help reduce inflammation that occurs with rosacea and acne. 

Using Your Facial Tools:

  • Always cleanse your face before using your facial tool. Try the Coconut + Sea Sugar Foaming Cleanser with coconut-derived surfactants and natural sugars to deeply cleanse while hydrating and protecting skin’s natural barrier. 
  • Spritz with the Silver + Licorice Root Protective Facial Spray to complete the cleanse and remove drying, irritating hard water deposits.
  • Use the Pearl + Charcoal Mask to gently exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • Option 1: Apply the Botanical + Hyaluronic Acid Mask or the Snow Lotus + Green Tea Mask and use your gua sha or roller on top. Once you’ve completed your circulation-enhancing massage, remove the mask to unveil your purified and radiant complexion. Massage in any remaining serum.
  • Option 2: Apply the Hemp + Vitamin C Glow Face Oil, Pearl Activating Elixir or a cocktail of the two. Then use your preferred facial tool on top.
  • Clean your stones before and after each session to ensure they are free of bacteria and debris.

Whether you choose the Blue Circle Jade Guasha Tool or Blue Circle Jade Face Roller to define your facial contours, and however you elect to use it, with consistent care, your skin will begin to look more radiant and healthy for 2022.

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