Q: How often should we use a face mask?

A: Depending on your skin condition, 2-3 times a week would be a good frequency for a general guideline.

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Q: Should we cleanse our face before applying a mask, and cleanse again after?

A: Cleansing your face before applying a mask is a must do in order for your skin to absorb all the benefits the mask can offer. It is not necessary to cleanse your face again after the mask.

Q: After using a sheet mask, do we still need to apply skincare products to our face?

A: Yes, we love that idea! Olecea’s™ sheet mask contains one type of serum, so it’s a great idea for your skin to follow up with another serum for double serum treatment, or just apply your favorite moisturizer to further protect the skin.

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Q: Are Oleace face masks for all skin types?

A: Yes, they are! Our masks do not contain any oils so they will replenish the hydration levels on the skin, yet not clogging our pores.

Check out Olecea™ Pearl + Charcoal Mask,Olecea™ Snow Lotus Transparent Mask and Olecea™ Botanical Soothing Mask!

Q: What are the main differences and benefits of each Olecea™ face mask?

A: Olecea™ embraces all skin types. Our face masks are designed to help soothe your skin for different conditions. Our Snow Lotus Mask boosts the anti-oxidant levels on the skin to prevent formation of pigments and wrinkle. The Botanical Soothing Mask helps to reduce redness and irritations on the skin rapidly. As for the Pearl + Charcoal Mask, it helps to detox and exfoliate for all skin types and reveals bright and glowy complexion.

Q: How can Olecea’s™ Pearl + Charcoal mask help detox our skin? How can we tell when it is exfoliating the toxins out of our skin?

A: The active ingredients in Pearl+Charcoal Mask are: Pearl Powder, Charcoal Powder, and Organic green coffee. Pearl is known to brighten the complexion in ancient Asian cultures, also modern science proves that it contains essential amino acids that our skin needs to be healthy. Active Charcoal has superb detoxing powder to regulate oil production on the skin. Organic green coffee helps to reduce excess water retention on the skin, then top with the heating matrix that enables our own skin circulation to expel toxin and impurities on the skin. Apply a thin layer on the skin and let it set for a couple minutes and massage the face in circular motions. When you see the mask turning to grayish white, that means the detox process is complete.