About Olecea


While Kuo held her grandmother's teachings dear, her hunger for knowledge propelled her to explore beyond, leading her to the realms of science-based skincare and diverse cultures. Having lived on three continents—Asia, Great Britain, and North America—she cultivated a well-rounded global perspective, embracing the richness of various cultures. Through this lens, she observed the universal challenges people face in caring for their skin within our multicultural society. Witnessing the struggle to find effective luxury anti-aging skincare devoid of contentious and irritating ingredients, Kuo recognized the demand for a harmonious blend of modern biotechnology and non-toxic natural skincare solutions.

With over 15 years in the skincare industry, Kuo collaborated with fellow estheticians, doctors, and nurses, contributing to the growth of their practices and brands. This journey afforded her a comprehensive understanding of how different sectors within the beauty industry synergize to enhance skin health and appearance. To bridge her comprehensive knowledge with practical application, she pursued an MBA, melding her passion for skincare with a savvy understanding of the business side of beauty. Presently, she is also pursuing a postgraduate degree in Cosmetic Chemistry, underlining her dedication to mastering her craft.

Empowered by her discoveries and fueled by a desire to honor her heritage, Kuo set forth on the ambitious mission of developing a natural skincare line that seamlessly amalgamates the best from all corners of the world to cater to individual needs. As the proud founder of an award-winning company, she continually formulates new skincare solutions aligned with the core values of the Olecea brand.

Cindy Kuo's journey exemplifies her dedication to melding tradition and innovation, science and nature, and cultural diversity into a harmonious tapestry of skincare excellence.