About Olecea


Olecea Beaute™ began with Founder and Beauty Veteran, Cindy Kuo, Formulator, California licensed Esthetician and MBA recipient. She was born and raised in Taiwan, spent her teenage years in England, then settled in California. Cindy appreciates her experiences living in three continents, making friends with the people, and absorbing the cultures. She also feels very much at home in California and embraces such a melting pot of diverse cultures. Cindy's interest in skincare and natural ingredients started at an early age in Cindy's life. Since childhood, Cindy would cut fresh aloe and apply it on her skin for beautification purposes.

With her Asian roots, her esthetician grandmother would also advise her on ancient beauty tips to care for her skin, utilizing marine extracts and botanicals. After living and settling in the western world, Cindy learned further about how the marine and botanicals, with modern biotechnology, can drastically improve the wellness of the skin.

Cindy has over 12 years of experience working in the skincare industry. She works with estheticians, doctors, and nurses from different beauty arena cultures to grow their skincare practices and help develop their brands. Cindy feels that although people around the world are different in cultures and living habits, they all share similar challenges and concerns when caring for their skin. With passion and a sense of mission, Cindy started Olecea™ to share her multicultural beauty tips, philosophies, and to source the best biotechnological advanced marine and botanical ingredients from her beloved cultures to assist skincare lovers around the world to achieve healthy and glowing natural skin.


At Olecea™, we are committed to handpick the cleanest and most natural ingredients from mother nature. The Olecea™ name represents a part of the flowering plant family that stands for purity, nourishment, and regeneration of the skin. The Olecea™ symbol represents a drop of crystal clear ocean water, representing all great natural creations in the ocean to balance, repair, and beautify the skin. Olecea™ incorporates its own unique Olecea™ BMB complex (Botanical Marine Blend) of Antioxidative Algae from Asia, Advanced Plant Stem Cell and Sea Water Extracts from Europe, and Therapeutic Botanical Waters from North America, as the base. We create and customize each product formulation based on thorough research and test results, making sure to offer the highest standards to the marketplace.


Olecea™ specializes in advanced multicultural skincare ingredients from nature, that are clinically proven to prevent and treat early signs of aging. We strive for natural ingredients and recyclable packaging, making our world a better place, one skin transformation at a time.