About Olecea


Cindy Kuo, Olecea™ Founder and Formulator, combined her knowledge, expertise and philosophy to create this innovative and results-driven natural skin care brand. Her passion for botanical skincare began at an early age. Taiwanese-born, her journey began when her grandmother, also an esthetician, taught her marine and plant-based Asian skincare remedies. Kuo credits her grandmother for sparking her career in skincare, following in her footsteps by acquiring her esthetician license. Kuo deeply appreciated all that she learned but strived to learn more, which catapulted her to discover what science based skincare and other cultures could teach her.

She acquired a well-rounded global perspective earned through living on three continents (Asia, Great Britain and North America), embracing the diversity of multiple cultures. Observing the array of different skin types and concerns, she recognized that people in our fabulous melting pot share similar challenges when caring for their skin. Seeing people struggling to find luxury anti aging skin care that was effective without controversial irritating actives, she recognized there was a need for both modern biotechnology and non toxic natural skin care that beautifully delivers. During her 12-year skincare career she has worked with fellow estheticians, doctors and nurses, helping grow their practices and brands, while gaining a broader understanding how the different sectors of the beauty industry enhance the health and appearance of the skin.

To put her vast knowledge into practice, she acquired her MBA, merging her love of skincare with the business side of beauty. Encouraged by all her findings, yet wanting to honor her heritage, she endeavored to develop a natural skincare line that integrates the best of all worlds, to address people’s individuality. Feeling privileged to have the opportunity to be the founder of an award- winning company, she continues to create new formulations aligned with the Olecea brand mission.


Our Olecea Beaute brand symbol unites fundamental archetypes of nature: the sacred lotus flower and pure ocean water. The lotus embodies beauty, purity and regeneration, while the ocean water droplet represents the nourishing foundation of life on earth. We harness the power of mother nature with the best natural skin care ingredients from the land and sea, joined with the ancient wisdom of Asian skincare and modern science based skincare discoveries. Our environmentally responsible clean beauty ingredients are sourced worldwide and formulated for the utmost purity and potency. The Olecea BMB complex (Botanical Marine Blend) epitomizes this commitment with antioxidant-rich Algae from Asia, anti-aging Plant Stem Cells, mineralizing Sea Water from Europe, and therapeutic Floral Waters from North America. Each product formulation undergoes extensive research and testing, ensuring professional grade quality and exceptional efficacy.


Olecea Beaute endeavors to provide luxurious clean beauty with a multicultural approach that captures the ancient wisdom of Asian skincare, healing marine and botanical extracts, with advanced science based skincare actives. We strive to source only the finest ingredients in results-driven age-defying skin care formulations, that achieve the highest standards of excellence for natural skin care products. Olecea is dedicated to share lifestyle, beauty tips and our philosophy to foster youthful glowing skin without compromising skin health or the environment.