Olecea Summer Glow Set

Olecea Summer Glow Set

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Moisturize and nourish your skin for a radiant and hydrated complexion for this summer!

In Asian culture, the number 88 symbolizes revitalization and good fortune. Infused with potent ingredients, this luxurious set revitalizes and deeply moisturizes your skin.

Create a personalized clean beauty serum or gel cream based on your skin type and condition!


1. Vitamin B + Collagen Bubbles Activating Elixir

2. Travel Size Hemp + Vitamin C Glow Face Oil

3. Olecea Glow Blending Set

Embrace the summer with confidence and let your natural glow shine through. Get your Summer Glow Set today!


After cleansing, mix with the spatula until blended and massage into face, neck and décolleté with your hands or the Blue Circle Jade Face Roller.

Gel-Cream: Boost your glow with 3-4 pumps of Vitamin B + Collagen Bubbles Activating Elixir with 2-3 drops of Hemp + Vitamin C Glow Face Oil
(Drop can be adjusted based on skin condition)