Blue Circle Jade Guasha Tool - Olecea ™
Blue Circle Jade Guasha Tool - Olecea ™
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Blue Circle Jade Guasha Stone

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Olecea Blue Circle Jade Guasha Stone - Beauty Tools

About Blue Circle Jade GuaSha Stone

The Blue Circle Jade Gua sha Stone is a skincare tool inspired by a traditional Asian practice meant to keep skin looking young. Made of a special kind of jade, it releases far infrared rays, which are great for rejuvenating skin cells and preventing signs of aging.

This gua sha stone is carefully shaped by hand so it's easy to hold and use on your face. It's designed to help your skin in several ways: by detoxing, boosting blood flow, shaping your face's contours, reducing wrinkles and lines, and lessening dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

The Gua Sha technique, rooted in ancient Chinese tradition, refreshes dull skin with a soothing massage. Regular use of the gua sha stone can make your skin look really glowing and young.

Each Blue Jade Gua Sha Stone is unique, with slight differences in color and size, since they are hand-carved. They are especially helpful for those who want to reduce puffiness around the face and eyes and are looking for a natural way to fight the visible signs of aging.

Effects of Blue Circle Jade Guasha stone

Gua sha is not just great for making your skin healthier and brighter; it has lots of other cool benefits too:

  • It helps shape and define the look of your face.
  • Encourages the draining of lymph fluids, which is good for your skin's health.
  • Lessens puffiness and the buildup of fluids in the face.
  • Eases tension in your face and jaw, which can be really relaxing.
  • Boosts blood flow, which gives your skin a nice, natural glow.
  • With regular use, it can make your face look firmer and more lifted over time.

How to use Jade Guasha Stone

  1. Clean Your Face and Hands: Before you start, make sure your face and hands are clean. This helps prevent spreading any dirt or oil.

  2. Apply Some Oil or Serum: It’s good to put a bit of face oil or serum on your skin first. This lets the Gua Sha stone glide smoothly without pulling your skin.

  3. Hold the Stone Right: Grip the Gua Sha stone so that it’s almost flat against your skin, but with a slight angle.

  4. Start at the Neck: Begin at the base of your neck and gently move the stone upwards towards your jaw. This helps open up the pathways for drainage.

  5. Move to the Jawline: Glide the stone along your jawline from the center of your chin towards your ear. Use gentle, smooth strokes.

  6. Cheeks and Under Eyes: Carefully sweep the stone over your cheeks, moving from the side of your nose out to your ear. Be extra gentle under your eyes!

  7. Forehead Time: Now, go across your forehead. Start from the middle and move out towards your temples.

  8. Be Gentle: Remember to use light pressure. It should feel relaxing, not painful.

  9. Repeat and Switch Sides: Do the same movements on both sides of your face. Usually, repeating each stroke about 3-5 times works well.

  10. Clean Your Gua Sha Stone: After you’re done, clean your stone with soap and water to keep it hygienic for next time.

FAQ for Guasha Stone

  1. What is a Gua Sha stone? A Gua Sha stone is a tool used in a traditional skincare practice from Asia. It's designed to improve the health and appearance of your skin through gentle massage.

  2. How often should I use my Gua Sha stone? For best results, it's recommended to use your Gua Sha stone 2-3 times a week. Consistent use can lead to more noticeable benefits.

  3. Can anyone use a Gua Sha stone? Yes, most people can use a Gua Sha stone. However, if you have skin conditions, inflammation, or any medical concerns, it's best to consult with a healthcare professional first.

  4. Do I need to use a serum or oil with the Gua Sha stone? It's highly recommended to use a serum or oil to help the stone glide smoothly across your skin and prevent any pulling or discomfort.

  5. How long should each Gua Sha session be? A typical session can be around 5-10 minutes. Remember, it’s more about the technique and gentleness than the duration.

  6. Can Gua Sha help with acne? Gua Sha can help with circulation and reducing inflammation, which might indirectly benefit acne-prone skin. However, be gentle and avoid using it over active breakouts to prevent irritation.

  7. Will Gua Sha reduce wrinkles? Regular use of Gua Sha may help in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by boosting circulation and encouraging lymphatic drainage.

  8. How do I clean my Gua Sha stone? Clean your Gua Sha stone with mild soap and water after each use. Dry it with a clean cloth and store it safely.

  9. Is it normal to experience redness after using Gua Sha? Slight redness is normal as Gua Sha boosts circulation. However, if you experience severe redness, irritation, or pain, you should use less pressure or consult a professional.

  10. Can Gua Sha help with puffiness around the eyes? Yes, using a Gua Sha stone gently around the eye area can help reduce puffiness by improving lymphatic drainage.

Use with your choice of Olecea face oilserum, or sheet mask.

Vegan | Non Toxic | Clean | Paraben-Free | Mineral Oil-Free | Phthalate-Free | Synthetic Dye- Free | Fragrance-Free | Cruelty-Free | Alcohol-Free | Sulfate-Free


  • Stimulates the circulation and detoxification
  • Optimizes cell turnover and skin nutrition
  • Revitalizes the complexion
  • Increases radiance
  • Reduces dark circles and puffiness

Blue Circle Jade – A form of Jadeite, a hard mineral stone found to have metaphysical healing and calming properties including the ability to absorb negative energy, bestow wisdom and understanding.