Q: When purchasing skincare products, does toner, serum, and moisturizer need to be from the same brand? Or can we mix and match products from different brands?

A: In a perfect world, we recommend the use of clean skincare from the same natural skin care line. This is because most brands formulate their products to work together synergistically and test them to know that they are safe and effective when used together. But, for example, when you combine anti aging products from one brand with those from another, you may get overdoses of active ingredients, or the products may simply not play well together. We like playing chemist, so we understand that most skincare aficionados like to combine products. Just be sure to choose clean skincare brands and read the ingredient lists to make sure there are no toxic ingredients, and that you aren’t overdoing it on acids, retinols, or other potent actives.

When mixing those stronger ingredients, it is best to seek professional advice. Check out our blogs and educational series on ingredients, so you can make educated decisions when putting together your acne or anti aging skin care regimen.

Q: What is the best way to apply toner?

A: After cleansing, spritz a cotton round or pad with an alcohol-free toner, like our Silver + Licorice Root Protective Facial Spray. Swipe over your face, neck, and décolleté to complete the cleanse and remove hard water that can irritate the skin and leave a dulling residue. This allows your skin to better receive the benefits of your anti aging face serum, face oils, or other products that you apply. Spritz your face mist all over, gently tapping and pressing the toner into the skin with your palms and fingers, to facilitate absorption and hydration. Try working from the center of your face outwards to help detoxify and improve circulation.

Q: Can we mix Olecea Pearl Elixir with a makeup foundation when applying to our face for extra moisture?

A: If your skin needs extra hydration, mixing the Olecea Pearl Activating Elixir or Vitamin B + Collagen Bubbles Activating Elixir with your foundation before applying is a beautiful idea. It will create a dewy, luminous look and prevent makeup from settling into fine lines. Makeup is transformed into an anti aging foundation that protects against damaging UV and infrared rays the whole time you wear your makeup.

Q: Since Olecea Pearl Elixir is a lightweight gel serum, can it be used for both, winter when skin is dry, and summer when skin gets excessively oily?

A: Yes, absolutely! Yes, absolutely! This lightweight gel serum provides the perfect amount of hydration in the winter and isn’t too heavy during the humid summer months. Our elixir is oil-free, so it can be used on its own as a moisturizer for oily skin or with your favorite cream. For added moisture during winter, after applying the Olecea Pearl Activating Elixir, we suggest you layer the Hemp + Vitamin C Glow Face Oil or one of our moisturizers on top.

Q: In what order should we layer all of our beauty skin care products for the most beneficial skin result?


A good rule of thumb is to apply products with the smallest molecules first so that they can be absorbed before products with larger molecules. It is also beneficial to apply water-based products before oil-based products to facilitate penetration. Here is our recommendation:

General Daily Guideline:

Step 1: Cleanser: (Coconut + Sea Sugar Foaming Cleanser)

Step 2: Toner (Silver + Licorice Root Protective Facial Spray)

Step 3: Serum (Pearl Activating Elixir or (Vitamin B + Collagen Bubbles Activating Elixir)

Step 4: Moisturizer (Hemp + Vitamin C Glow Face Oil), (Malachite + Vitamin Skin Nutrition Cream), or (Black Tea + Ceramide Cream)


General Weekly Guideline:

After Steps 1 and 2, use an Exfoliator (Pearl + Charcoal Mask)

After exfoliation, mask with desired Olecea mask.


For weekly treatment frequency, here’s a guide that varies according to skin type and condition:

Dry: 1-2 times a week

Normal: 1-3 times a week

Oily: 2-4 times a week)