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Coconut Jelly + Rose Water Biocellulose Mask

hydrating my face in the summer

Amazing Elixir

I love this product! My face absorbs it up so nicely and the texture is so velvety. The only challenge I have is with opening & closing the container. Opening & closing the container is a little tricky especially for someone like me who has arthritis in both of my wrists. But that doesn’t stop me from using it. Thank you.


Cool and refreshing

I spritz my face and neck and my skin feels refreshed and smooth.

Love this!

My skin stays smooth and hydrated all day. I live in hot, dry Arizona. my skin does not feel oily at all. I use it twice a day.

Great product

Love this face oil makes my skin glow and hydrated

One of my favorite products!

Great product! Easy to apply and absorbs into the skin flawlessly.

Collagen Elixir: Vitamin B + Activating Collagen Bubbles

Hydrate my face every day

Simply The Best

I have used many products over the years. This one is different!!
It actually delivers what it claims to. I can tell the difference in my skins moisture elasticity and glow. This is a winner!!!

Best clean beauty products!

I like this store's products. They are convenient and practical. The owner is also very kind and patient. I highly recommend them! ! !

Excellent products!

The products are excellent, and the Pearl + Charcoal Mask is the best <3

Masks are Amazing!

Their products are really good! Love their masks!


Really good products and the masks are amazing! Recommend!

Amazing product

Amazing products! Great customer service. I love the coconut jelly mask. Hydrated my skin and made me feel refreshed and renewed!

Great product

I love using the Botanical + Hyaluronic Acid Mask after a stressful day. Love the way my face feels afterwards.

Highly recommend!

The Charcoal mask is really effective to my skin.

great results

Great results from their products~ can't wait to try all other products soon! <3

Amazing results

Amazing results! I can't wait to try all other Olecea products soon! ❤️ ❤️

So fresh

Love all of their products! I love the pearl elixir because it makes my skin feel so soft and fresh and it brightens my skin.

Brighten my skin so easily

Olecea Beaute has incredible skin care products. One of my favorites is the Olecea Pearl + Charcoal mask. I apply this on every other day and it just makes my skin feel very refresh!!! Thank you OLECEA BEAUTE!!!

Best clean beauty brand!

Love this brand!! Olecea’s serum has been a fave since I started using it. It’s lightweight but nourishing at the same time I love using it to prep my skin before putting on makeup. Their masks are lovely too.

Won't disappoint you

The Pearl activating elixir is amazing! It’s worth every penny! I have dry and sensitive skin and this product leaves my skin well moisturized and supple. I’ve been using the Pearl elixir for a year and plan to keep using as long as I’m seeing these great results.

Best serum ever!

I love this product! I used many serum products for years until I wanted to give this one a try. I like the texture is light and not sticky. It is easy to spread out over the face. After about 2-3 weeks of using it, I noticed that my skin was smoother and looked much healthier. I see my pores got much tighter, resulting in a much bouncier texture. It is amazingly better than any serum I have tried (which is many). Most important, it does not irritate my sensitive skin. This product is worth for own it. I just purchased my second bottle.

Love this great product

I have been looking for a good mask for a long time and I tried different brands, but nothing compares with their Olecea Pearl + Charcoal mask. This is a great product, easy to apply and easy to wash off. It makes my skin tender, delicate and brighter. Will definitely buy it again. Highly recommended!!!

Everyone MUST Try!!!

I LOVE Olecea Beaute products! Everything I have tried feels so moisturizing but light on the skin at the same time! They are all made from natural ingredients, so I know that I can trust them on my sensitive skin. I’d definitely recommend for anyone to try!