Navigating this quarantine can be a bummer on our summer plans. However, do not lose hope just yet! We are right there with you! There are plenty of safe activities to do outdoors while adhering to the changing regulations. Hiking on a beautiful trail, walking your pet, or going to the beach while maintaining social distance guidelines are all safe activities you and your family can still enjoy. 


Here at Olecea, we want to protect that beautiful skin AT ALL TIMES! Our Olecea Botanical + Vitamin SPF 30 Sunscreen is formulated to be gentle on all skin types. Our Founder, Cindy Kuo crafted this gentle formula to ensure that her daughter, who experiences eczema would be protected from the harsh sun rays while providing gentle comfort on her skin. Cindy's mission was to create a sunscreen that can be used on every member of her family, to be used daily for indoors or outdoors. Yes, INDOORS TOO! We generally think the only sun danger is outdoors, but leading medical experts suggest that we need to wear sunscreen even when indoors. Expert dermatologist Dr. Hadley King stated, “UVA rays penetrate through glass, so if your room has a window, it is important to wear sunscreen even when inside.”


What are UVA rays you ask? Well, Here's a breakdown. Ultraviolet rays from the sun commonly known as UVA/UVB rays target your amazing skin. Both UVA & UVB are important to watch for, people generally associate UVB rays as rays that cause sunburns. However, it does not stop there! UVA rays are more harmful, penetrating deep into the skin and causing signs of aging (wrinkles, uneven skin tone, imperfection, you name it!).


Why SPF 30? There are many different SPF sunscreens on the market such as physical and chemical sunscreens marked at SPF 15, 30, 50, and 100. Anything over 30 SPF is chemical which means the active ingredient switches from natural minerals, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide to chemicals such as avobenzone, octinoxate, and oxybenzone. Olecea chose SPF 30 because we wanted the most protection without compromising our gentle formula for your skin. SPF 30 protects against 97 percent of those harsh ultraviolet rays and it does not use more chemicals as higher SPFs’ do. Our formula Infuses the utmost natural ingredients that don't cause pollutants to our environments, such as shea butter, mango, and German Chamomile. Olecea Botanical + Vitamin Sunscreen SPF 30 is ready to fight the sun so you can have all the fun!