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When we think of silver, we typically think of fine jewelry and expensive kitchen utensils like silverware. For years, silver has been used for luxurious items like that one fancy teapot your grandma would make you polish over and over again until it was spotless. But did you know silver can also be beneficial to your skin?

We’re not suggesting you take a bath in a tub filled with silver forks and spoons, we’re talking about using colloidal silver as a topical treatment in your skin-care routine.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is made up of tiny silver particles suspended in a liquid. These particles are the same type of metal used in jewelry, dental fillings and silverware. Thousands of years ago, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Chinese civilizations used silver for its ability to heal injuries and repair epithelial tissue. Many millennia later, in 1891, since antibiotics were not yet invented at the time, colloidal silver was used as a disinfectant and germicide.

Another hundred years later, silver began to be used once again as an antimicrobial product in personal care ingredients. As more studies have been conducted proving its effectiveness, silver has grown in popularity. 

What are the Benefits of Using Silver on Your Skin?

Studies have proven that silver ions – which have an oxidizing power and are often used in daily life for disinfection and sterilization – are sustainable and assist the natural skin flora in regeneration. This process is done by reducing the excessive amount of microbes (a microorganism and/or bacterium causing disease or fermentation) on the skin. Silver also has the added benefit of preventing the future development of more micro-bacteria on the skin, allowing for it to work as an anti-acne, anti-redness, and an anti-inflammatory agent.

Skin flora are the good microorganisms that take residence in your skin. A primary function of skin flora is to prevent pathogens from colonizing your skin, which can lead to infections and unpleasant, unhealthy looking skin. 

The flora protects the skin using three different methods simultaneously:

  1. Skin flora produces substances that inhibit pathogens from taking residence on the skin.
  2. The flora synthesizes vitamins that are absorbed as nutrients by the skin. 
  3. Finally, the flora competes for receptors that would otherwise be occupied by pathogens that could impact your skin negatively. 

Is it Safe to Use Silver on Your Skin?

The short answer is yes! The usage of silver eliminates bacterial infections without initiating any harmful effects to the skin as a result of bacterial resistance. Additional studies have proven the effectiveness of silver against viruses, mold, and fungi without any negative side effects. Silver has also been tested to be compatible with other ingredients of personal care products.

Our Silver + Licorice Root Protective Facial Spray is formulated with Olecea’s philosophy of Botanical Marine Blend (BMB),  contains only clean and vegan ingredients including clinically-tested Micronized Natural Silver from MicroSilver BG™ that acts as an antimicrobial, anti-redness, anti-acne agent, anti-inflammatory agent, and sun protecting agent for the skin. 

Have any questions? Learn more about Olecea Beaute and our skin care products in our Skin Q & A.

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