How to Care for Your Skin on a Time Crunch

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How to Care for Your Skin on a Time Crunch

Are your hands full with being a parent? Does work tend to leave you exhausted by the end of the day? Do you wish you had time for self-care? Well, this blog is for you.

We all know that having a skincare routine is important to maintaining the look and feel of healthy, glowy, youthful skin. However, many skincare routines are several steps, and can be intimidating for those who may not have the time. Having to apply a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and more can be a daunting task to commit to every day, especially if you are wiped from your busy schedule. 

Here’s our quick and simple skincare regimen for everyone: 

  • Use Face Masks

  • Face masks are a great way to care for your skin if you are busy. Simply apply the face mask, continue with your tasks, and remove or wash off the mask after the recommended time. You (and your skin) will feel absolutely fabulous with a face mask on.

    Face masks allow the ingredients to penetrate your skin over a short amount of time. Depending on the ingredients used, face masks can help trap much needed moisture into your skin, thus hydrating and nourishing your skin, and they can also help absorb excess oil and even exfoliate! You can even incorporate a jade roller, like our Blue Circle Jade Face Roller, into your face mask application, by rolling out the sheet mask on your face.his will also help with a better absorption of product. 

    If you are looking for different face masks options, we have several! 

    Our Pearl and Charcoal Mask is a self-healing and purifying mask, developed for all skin types including combination skin, acne-prone, and sensitive skin. Featuring finely milled natural pearl powder, organic charcoal powder, and organic green coffee extract, this luxe face mask goes on wet, heats up using your own body heat, and dries before washing off to leave your skin feeling clean, rebalanced, and radiant. 

    Our anti-aging Snow Lotus and Green Tea Mask features proprietary natural skin care active ingredients revered for their potency - snow lotus, royal jelly extract, green tea, hyaluronic acid, and more, to dramatically reduce visible signs of aging while bolstering the skin’s protective barrier. 

    Our Botanical and Hyaluronic Acid Mask regenerates lackluster skin, alleviating redness, sensitivity, and breakouts for a flawless complexion. This mask combines healing botanical ingredients including centella asiatica (also known as Tiger Grass or Gotu Kola), calendula, and aloe vera to provide your skin with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. Anti-aging essential hyaluronic acid quenches and plumps dry, dehydrated skin, and diffuses the appearance of wrinkles while improving elasticity.

  • Hydrate

  • Drinking water not only helps to keep your body hydrated and energized;it is also proven to help your skin by reducing wrinkles and maintaining skin elasticity. Drinking enough water every day can help protect your skin’s natural barrier, ensuring your skin doesn’t suffer from damage or stress. Essentially, drinking enough water can prevent fine lines and can give your skin a more youthful glow.  

  • Eat Healthy

  • Eating healthy is another great way to keep your skin looking its best from the inside out. In healthy food options - like fats, fruits, vegetables, and protein sources - there are a variety of vitamins and nutrients that can help prevent the formation of wrinkles. Also, many people don’t know that eating a healthy diet can also improve collagen production, thus improving your skin’s elasticity and restoration. If you are busy and are having trouble finding the time to care for your skin, eating healthy will not only improve your energy but it is a great way to make sure your skin gets all the vitamins and nutrients it needs for healthy maintenance. 

  • Get Enough Sleep (On Clean Sheets)

  • Just like drinking enough water and eating healthy, getting a restful night of sleep (a recommended 6 - 8 hours) can do wonders for your skin! Did you know that, while you are asleep, your body boosts blood flow to your skin? Getting enough uninterrupted sleep can ensure a glowy, refreshed complexion, whereas a bad night's sleep can leave you with those besky eye bags, puffiness, and an irritated complexion. 

    However, if you are sleeping on pillow cases that haven’t been washed, your skin can be exposed to dirt, dust, hair care products, and excess oil that can leave your pores in need of help. Making sure you wash your sheets at least once every week can help keep your skin fresh and clean by the time you wake up. Using silk pillow cases can also help with this, as silk typically isn’t as absorbent as other bedding materials. 

  • Avoid using too much makeup

  • Makeup is known to clog your pores and cause an increase in oil production. Give your skin a break from makeup and give your skin time to get back to normal and clear itself of any clogged pores. While we recommend trying to incorporate a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer into your skincare routine, giving your skin a break from makeup can be an effective way to help it stay on the clean side. 

    If you are interested in learning more about all things skincare, check out our other blogs! We wish you (and your skin) nothing but the best!

    -Olecea Beaute

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