ABC Las Vegas Morning Blend with Keri Parker

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On ABC's Las Vegas Morning Blend, Beauty Expert, QVC Guest Host, Beauty Brand Consultant, Mom & Wife, Keri Parker endorsed Olecea Pearl Activating Elixir as the top natural choice for anti-aging skincare. She highlighted its comprehensive formulation, which includes growth factors, plant stem cells, and antioxidants, emphasizing that it provides all necessary anti-aging benefits in a single product.

She mentioned that - "This one product has growth factors, plant stem cells, antioxidants... every single thing you need for anti-aging! Everything you need in one product, Seriously!" 

Cindy Kuo

The Author: Cindy Kuo

Cindy Kuo, the founder of Olecea, is passionate about clean and natural skincare. Born in Taiwan, educated in the UK, and now residing in California, Cindy has woven a rich tapestry of diverse cultural and skincare traditions into Olecea. Her journey has been fueled by a commitment to blending the best of Asian wisdom with wellness concepts from the US and Europe.

Olecea’s formulations reflect Cindy’s dedication to using clean, natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free ingredients. She ensures that Olecea's products not only address skincare concerns but also provide enjoyable textures that enhance the skincare routine. A key innovation is Olecea's advanced pearl encapsulation technology, which maintains the freshness and potency of active ingredients in each application. Another example is the hydrating and detoxifying charcoal mask, perfect for those who value anti-aging benefits without the dryness typically associated with such treatments.

Beyond skincare, Cindy's commitment extends to making a positive impact in the community. She actively supports local charities while balancing her role as a mother of two. Cindy’s unwavering dedication to researching and creating effective skincare formulations ensures that Olecea Skin Lovers can achieve radiant, healthy skin.

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