Summertime Skin Restoration 

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Summertime Skin Restoration 

Written by Olecea Skincare Expert

Summer has officially arrived and with it, the opportunity to spend more time outdoors and soak up the warmth of the sun.

While the sun has many great benefits such as a natural source of Vitamin D and known to boost serotonin, a mood enhancer, too much of it can dry out your skin and cause wrinkles.

Outside of applying sunscreen and staying hydrated before heading out, don’t forget that rejuvenating your skin after a full day under the sun is just as important. 
One way to relieve overheated skin, is to always have sheet masks readily available in your fridge for a quick, convenient way to cool down, rehydrate and soothe your skin after a day outside. 

Olecea offers two hydrating sheet face masks, the Botanical + Hyaluronic Acid Mask and Snow Lotus + Green Tea Mask.

Our Olecea Botanical + Hyaluronic Acid Mask features healing botanical skincare favorites Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola), Calendula and Aloe Vera, it provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. Anti aging essential Hyaluronic Acid quenches dry, dehydrated skin, plumping and diffusing wrinkles, while improving elasticity. This mask effectively regenerates lackluster skin, alleviating redness, sensitivity and breakouts for a flawless complexion.

To minimize signs of aging, try the Olecea Snow Lotus + Green Tea Mask. Featuring proprietary natural skin care actives revered for their potency, this anti aging facial mask dramatically reduces visible signs of aging while bolstering the skin’s protective barrier. A fusion of Asian skincare inspired Snow Lotus, Green Tea and Chinese Mahogany Extracts with the Olecea™ Botanical Marine Blend (BMB), this age defying skin care treatment gives instant and long-lasting anti wrinkle results.

Regardless of what your plans are this summer, let Olecea Beaute be your partner in getting through the heat!



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